Efficacious and safe control of glycemia using Apidra insulin

  title={Efficacious and safe control of glycemia using Apidra insulin},
  author={E. Biryukova and Бирюкова Елена Валерьевна and M. A. Garbuzova and Гарбузова Мария Александровна},
  journal={Diabetes mellitus},
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a stably growing pathology leading to micro- and macrovascular complications. Despite high potential of medicamentaltherapy for DM its efficacy needs to be further improved. Uncompensated postprandial hyperglycemia is known to be responsible for many diabeticcomplications. Moreover, it by itself aggravates disturbances of insulin secretion through the toxic effect of glucose. Insulin therapy remains a principaltool for the treatment of DM. Its efficiency was greatly… CONTINUE READING

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