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Effects of water stress on growth and yield attributes of aman rice genotypes.

  title={Effects of water stress on growth and yield attributes of aman rice genotypes.},
  author={M. A. Zubaer and A. K. Chowdhury and M. Zahurul Islam and T. Ahmed and Ma Hasan},
Transplant aman rice suffers from moisture stress as ceases the reproductive stages in Bangladesh, which contributes to lower the yield of this crop. To identify drought tolerant rice variety, a pot experiment with three T. aman rice genotypes (Basmoti, Binadhan4 and RD2585) was carried out at BINA, Mymensingh during July to December, 2006 to evaluate the effect of water stress at different growth stages of different T. aman rice genotypes. The experiment was conducted in CRD with three… 

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