Effects of visual illusions on grasping.

  title={Effects of visual illusions on grasping.},
  author={Volker H. Franz and Manfred Fahle and Heinrich H. B{\"u}lthoff and Karl R. Gegenfurtner},
  journal={Journal of experimental psychology. Human perception and performance},
  volume={27 5},
In 2 experiments, the Muller-Lyer illusion (F. C. Muller-Lyer, 1889; N = 16) and the parallel-lines illusion (W. Wundt, 1898; N = 26) clearly affected maximum preshape aperture in grasping (both ps < .001). The grasping effects were similar but not perfectly equal to the perceptual effects. Control experiments show that these differences can be attributed to problems in matching the perceptual task and the grasping task. A model is described stating the assumptions that are needed to compare… CONTINUE READING
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