Effects of uterotonics on farrowing traits and piglet vitality: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

  title={Effects of uterotonics on farrowing traits and piglet vitality: A systematic review and meta-analysis.},
  author={B B D Muro and Rafaella Fernandes Carnevale and In{\^e}s Andretta and Diego Feitosa Leal and Matheus Saliba Monteiro and Andr{\'e} Pegoraro Poor and Glen William Almond and Cesar Augusto Pospissil Garbossa},
Uterotonics are widely used in the pig industry but their effects have not been investigated critically. The objective was to evaluate the effects of oxytocin and carbetocin on farrowing duration, birth interval, farrowing assistance, stillbirth rate, and piglet viability traits by performing a systematic review and a meta-analysis. The search for studies was performed during January 2020 using the PubMed, ISI Web of Science, Science Direct, and Scopus databases. The literature search was… Expand
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Supplementing daidzein in diets improves the reproductive performance, endocrine hormones and antioxidant capacity of multiparous sows
  • Yan Li, Guoru He, +9 authors Jun He
  • Medicine
  • Animal nutrition
  • 2021
The results suggest that daidzein ingestion could improve sow reproductive performance by changing serum hormones, elevating anti-oxidative capacity and up-regulating critical functional genes in the placenta. Expand


Effects of oxytocin and carbetocin on farrowing performance.
Data indicate carbetocin has the efficacy to accelerate piglet delivery and reduce piglet hypoxia, although the reason for reduced plasma protein with this treatment remains unexplained. Expand
Piglet mortality: the impact of induction of farrowing using prostaglandins and oxytocin.
It is recommended that prostaglandin induction be used in conjunction with skilled farrowing supervision to decrease piglet mortality. Expand
Environmental and sow-related factors affecting the duration of farrowing.
In conclusion, allowing the sow to move freely before farrowing, reducing the constipation state and avoid excessive fattening during late pregnancy all appear to be key factors in shortening farrowing time and reducing perinatal mortality. Expand
The effects of vetrabutin chlorhydrate and oxytocin on stillbirth rate and asphyxia in swine.
Although oxytocin decreased both duration of farrowing and interval between piglets by approximately 50% relative to control sows, it resulted in a significantly higher rate of IPS, in association with a much higher incidence of ruptured umbilical cord and absence of a fetal heartbeat. Expand
Periparturient Behavior and Physiology: Further Insight Into the Farrowing Process for Primiparous and Multiparous Sows
There were some differences between gilts and sows, as sows exhibited more putative pain behavior than gilts, had higher salivary cortisol on the day of farrowing and had higher plasma TNF α, which indicates that, like human females, multiparous sows experience more pain from uterine activity following birth than primiparas. Expand
Caracterização e desempenho reprodutivo de fêmeas suínas submetidas à intervenção obstétrica manual
Manual intervention at parturition is more frequent during summer and among older females, and in higher parity order (PO) females, than in Control groups, while removal rate before first insemination post weaning was greater in Intervention group. Expand
Uterine and fetal asphyxia monitoring in parturient sows treated with oxytocin.
It was concluded that administration of oxytocin at the onset of parturition increased the myometrial activity, decreased fetal cardiac frequency, predisposed the rupture of umbilical cords and the degree of meconium staining, and increased intra-partum mortality. Expand
Arginine for gestating sows and foetal development: A systematic review
It is concluded that supplementing dietary arginine in gestating sows can benefit embryo survival and foetal development, however, to establish a supplementation plan with this amino acid, aspects related to the period of pregnancy, supplementation levels, and source ofArginine must be well defined. Expand
Use of oxytocin in penned sows and its effect on fetal intra-partum asphyxia.
Evaluating in penned sows the effect of two commercial oxytocin products on umbilical cord pathology, degree of asphyxia and intra-partum mortality found the use of this hormone increased the need for obstetric assistance due to increased frequency of dystocia. Expand
Association between the incidence of stillbirths and expulsion interval, piglet birth weight, litter size and carbetocin administration in hyper-prolific sows
A prolonged expulsion interval, broken umbilical cord and low piglet birth weight are significant risk factors for stillborn piglets in hyper-prolific sows in Thailand. Expand