Effects of uridine on kindling.

  title={Effects of uridine on kindling.},
  author={Qian Zhao and Tatiana N Shatskikh and Ariane E. Marolewski and James R. Rusche and Gregory L. Holmes},
  journal={Epilepsy & behavior : E&B},
  volume={13 1},
The anticonvulsant effect of the nucleoside uridine has been studied for several decades with controversial results. One of its attractive properties is that as a natural endogenous molecule, it lacks the serious side effects of common antiepileptic drugs used today. In the current study, we examined the potential antiepileptogenic effect of uridine in the hippocampal kindling model, using once-daily stimulations. Uridine was administered once or three times daily; levetiracetam was… CONTINUE READING

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