Effects of ultrasonic disintegration on sludge microbial activity and dewaterability.

  title={Effects of ultrasonic disintegration on sludge microbial activity and dewaterability.},
  author={Li Huan and Jin Yiying and Rasool Bux Mahar and Wang Zhiyu and Nie Yongfeng},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
  volume={161 2-3},
Ultrasonic treatment can disintegrate sludge, enhance microbial activity and improve sludge dewaterability at different energy inputs. To find their relationship, the three phenomena during ultrasonic treatment were investigated synchronously, and an experimental model was established to describe the process of ultrasonic sludge disintegration. Analysis results showed that the changes of sludge microbial activity and dewaterability were dependent on sludge disintegration degree during… CONTINUE READING

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