Effects of triplet Higgs bosons in long baseline neutrino experiments

  title={Effects of triplet Higgs bosons in long baseline neutrino experiments},
  author={Katri Huitu and Timo J. Karkkainen and Jukka Maalampi and Sampsa Vihonen},
  journal={Physical Review D},
The triplet scalars $(\Delta=\Delta^{++},\Delta^{+},\Delta^{0})$, utilized in the so-called Type-II seesaw model to explain the lightness of neutrinos, would generate nonstandard interactions (NSI) for neutrino propagating in matter. We investigate the prospects to probe these interactions in long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments. We analyze the upper bounds that the proposed DUNE experiment might set on the nonstandard parameters and numerically derive upper bounds, as function of the… 

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