Effects of treatment with carnitines in infertile patients with prostato-vesiculo-epididymitis.

  title={Effects of treatment with carnitines in infertile patients with prostato-vesiculo-epididymitis.},
  author={Enzo Vicari and Aldo E Calogero},
  journal={Human reproduction},
  volume={16 11},
BACKGROUND We have recently shown that patients with prostato-vesiculo-epididymitis (PVE) have a greater reactive oxygen species (ROS) overproduction than patients with prostatitis or prostato-vesiculitis. Since this biochemical stress persists even after treatment with antimicrobials, it may relate to an imbalance between pro- and anti-oxidant factors at the epididymal level. METHODS To evaluate the effects of antioxidant treatment of patients with PVE, whether in the presence or absence of… CONTINUE READING
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