Effects of topical skin protectant on heat exchange in humans.

  title={Effects of topical skin protectant on heat exchange in humans.},
  author={Catherine L. V. Gabaree and Birgit Mair and Margaret A. Kolka and Lou A. Stephenson},
  journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine},
  volume={68 11},
BACKGROUND The application of a Topical Skin Protectant (TSP) under chemical protective clothing may impair heat exchange and/or decrease tolerance time during exercise. HYPOTHESIS The extent to which TSP might act as a barrier to heat transfer was unknown. Since TSP may be permeable to water vapor, we hypothesized that there would be no significant differences between treatments on variables effecting heat exchange. METHODS There were 10 subjects who walked (3.5 mph, 3% grade) until… CONTINUE READING


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