Effects of titanium silicide on AuSiTi/N-GaN ohmic contact systems

  title={Effects of titanium silicide on AuSiTi/N-GaN ohmic contact systems},
  author={Chi Yen Kim and Sung Woo Kim and C.-H. Hong and D.-W. Kim and Hong-Koo Baik and Chung Nam Whang},
Si embedded AuTi n-GaN contact schemes have been developed for a low barrier ohmic contact to n-GaN. Contacts subjected to rapid thermal annealing temperature from 400 to 900°C for 10 s exhibited linear current voltage characteristics and had low specific contact resistance of mid-10 -5 Ω cm 2 above 700 C. XRD. AES. and TEM experiments show that TiSi x (x = 1 and 2) layer was formed at the metal/GaN interface above 500°C and the contact interface was abrupt. Ohmic contact was related to the… CONTINUE READING

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