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Effects of the 1997-98 El Niño event on the vegetation of Galápagos

  title={Effects of the 1997-98 El Ni{\~n}o event on the vegetation of Gal{\'a}pagos},
  author={A. Tye and Iv{\'a}n Ald{\'a}z},
During the last large El Nino event, in 1982-83, heavy rain fell on Galapagos for nine months, forming rivers and eroding channels in many places, induding normally arid areas. The vegetational changes that took place during that El Nino event are summarized by Hamann (1985). Similar changes occurred during the most recent El Nino, which began in early 1997 with a heavier-thannormal rainy season and continued to the end of the wet season in 1998. During 1997, there was no garua season, merely a… Expand
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