Effects of substrate geometry on growth cone behavior and axon branching.

  title={Effects of substrate geometry on growth cone behavior and axon branching.},
  author={Ginger S Withers and Conrad D. James and Caroline E. Kingman and Harold G. Craighead and Gary A. Banker},
  journal={Journal of neurobiology},
  volume={66 11},
At the leading edge of a growing axon, the growth cone determines the path the axon takes and also plays a role in the formation of branches, decisions that are regulated by a complex array of chemical signals. Here, we used microfabrication technology to determine whether differences in substrate geometry, independent of changes in substrate chemistry, can modulate growth cone motility and branching, by patterning a polylysine grid of narrow (2 or 5 microm wide) intersecting lines. The shape… CONTINUE READING

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