Effects of stride length alteration on racewalking economy.

  title={Effects of stride length alteration on racewalking economy.},
  author={D. W. Morgan and Philip E. Martin},
  journal={Canadian journal of applied sport sciences. Journal canadien des sciences appliquees au sport},
  volume={11 4},
This study investigated the effects of stride length (SL) manipulation on racewalking economy in 7 competitive racewalkers. Following two test sessions in which VO2 max and freely-chosen stride length (FCSL) were determined, each subject completed 6-min racewalking bouts at five randomly-ordered SL conditions (FCSL and -10%, -5%, +5%, and +10% of leg length from the FCSL) while walking at a velocity approximately equal to their 10 km training pace. Actual and predicted group mean VO2 values for… CONTINUE READING

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