Effects of starter culture and storage on the flavor of liquid whey.

  title={Effects of starter culture and storage on the flavor of liquid whey.},
  author={Rachel E Campbell and Rebekah Miracle and Patrick D. Gerard and M A Drake},
  journal={Journal of food science},
  volume={76 5},
UNLABELLED The primary off flavors in dried whey proteins have been attributed to lipid oxidation products. A deeper understanding of lipid oxidation in fluid whey is crucial to understand how to minimize off flavors in dried whey protein. The objectives of this study were to further elucidate the role of storage and starter cultures as sources of lipid oxidation in whey. Fluid Cheddar, Mozzarella, and rennet-set wheys were manufactured from skim and whole milk. Liquid wheys and milks were… CONTINUE READING


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