Effects of spaceflight on murine skeletal muscle gene expression.


Spaceflight results in a number of adaptations to skeletal muscle, including atrophy and shifts toward faster muscle fiber types. To identify changes in gene expression that may underlie these adaptations, we used both microarray expression analysis and real-time polymerase chain reaction to quantify shifts in mRNA levels in the gastrocnemius from mice… (More)
DOI: 10.1152/japplphysiol.90780.2008


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@article{Allen2009EffectsOS, title={Effects of spaceflight on murine skeletal muscle gene expression.}, author={David L. Allen and Eric R Bandstra and Brooke C. Harrison and Seiha Thorng and Louis S. Stodieck and Paul J. Kostenuik and Sean E Morony and David L. Lacey and Timothy G Hammond and Leslie L Leinwand and W. Scott Argraves and Ted A. Bateman and Jeremy L. Barth}, journal={Journal of applied physiology}, year={2009}, volume={106 2}, pages={582-95} }