Effects of spaceflight on innate immune function and antioxidant gene expression.

  title={Effects of spaceflight on innate immune function and antioxidant gene expression.},
  author={Farnaz P Baqai and Daila S. Gridley and James M. Slater and Xian Luo-Owen and Louis S. Stodieck and Virginia L. Ferguson and Stephen Keith Chapes and Michael J Pecaut},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={106 6},
Spaceflight conditions have a significant impact on a number of physiological functions due to psychological stress, radiation, and reduced gravity. To explore the effect of the flight environment on immunity, C57BL/6NTac mice were flown on a 13-day space shuttle mission (STS-118). In response to flight, animals had a reduction in liver, spleen, and thymus masses compared with ground (GRD) controls (P < 0.005). Splenic lymphocyte, monocyte/macrophage, and granulocyte counts were significantly… CONTINUE READING


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