Effects of soy isoflavones on the uterus and urethra of ovariectomized rats


To evaluate the effect of soy isoflavone extract (SIE) on the uterus and urethra of castrated female rats. Ovariectomized adult virgin Wistar rats (n = 45) received, for 30 days: placebo (GI); SIE from day 5 of castration (GII); or day 28 of castration (GIII). A standardized SIE was administered by gavage at 125 μg genistein/g body weight/day, with a soy-free diet. Average numbers of nuclei (NU), blood vessels (BV) and collagen fibers (CF) in uterus and mid-urethra sections were compared using Dunnett and Tukey tests (95% CI). Uterus: GII and GIII differed from GI in all respects; GII vs. GIII, no differences. Urethra: GIII vs. GI: no differences; GII vs. GI, differences in NU and CF; GII vs. GIII, differences in NU and CF. Early oral administration of SIE to ovariectomized rats reversed uterine/urethral effects of castration.

DOI: 10.1007/s00192-009-0995-6

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