Effects of solcoseryl on flap survival.

  title={Effects of solcoseryl on flap survival.},
  author={Minoru Ueda and S Akita and Shuhei Torii and Tatsuo Kaneda and T Oka},
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  • M. UedaS. Akita T. Oka
  • Published 20 October 1981
  • Medicine, Physics
  • Nagoya journal of medical science
An experiment was performed on the effeet of solcoseryl on the skin flap survival. When the flap threared with solcoseryl showed slight improvement. 

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Chronological alterations of arterial blood distribution in the experimental pedicle skin flap

Arterial blood flow in flap segments in the rat dorsal skin was measured chronologically by the radioactive microsphere distribution method, and the most ischemic segment of the flap immediately after operation indicated the highest arterial blood distribution on 14th postoperative day.

Solcoseryl, a tissue respiration stimulating agent, significantly enhances the effect of capacitively coupled electric field on the promotion of bone formation around dental implants.

It is suggested that the clinical use of a combination of CCEF stimulation and Solcoseryl for dental implants promotes osseointegration.

Identification of connexins in human oral mucosa and therapeutic effect of irsogladine maleate on aphthous stomatitis

It is suggested that irsogladine maleate accelerates the wound healing process in oral mucosa by reinforcing gap junctional intercellular communication among oral mucosal cells; and that it is useful for the treatment and prevention of aphthous stomatitis.

Re-differentiation Inducing Treatment for Cancer

It is shown that defective mitochondria can be treated using re-differentiation inducing treatment that can restore damaged mitochondria to normal mitochondria and there were no recurrence of cancer for many years.

What is the True Core Reason Why Cancer Occurs

Ccinogenesis is a form of mitochondrial respiratory dysfunction, therefore, primary cancer prevention and recurrence prevention programs should advocate for life-style changes and re-differentiation inducing treatment.

Given the continuing dispute over the role of genetic abnormalities and protracted mitochondrial respiratory dysfunction in carcinogenesis, what is the core underlying entity?

It is shown that the majority of cancer gene defects could arise as downstream epiphenomenon of tumor progression, rather than as cancer causes, and hybridization experiments have confirmed that normal mitochondria have the ability to overwhelm cancer mitochondria.



Lack of Effect of Isoxsuprine on Experimental Random Flaps in the Rat

Using 1.5 x 6 cm caudally based rat dorsal pedicled flaps, the effect of isoxsuprine on skin flap survival was studied and showed it to have no augmentation effect on the survival of random pattern flaps.

Clinical Salvage of Three Failing Skin Flaps by Treatment with a Vasodilator Drug

  • F. Finseth
  • Medicine
    Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • 1979
Three clinical cases are presented, in which it is believed postoperative treatment with isoxsuprine resulted in the salvage of considerable areas that would otherwise have necrosed.

Pedicled flaps: An experimental and clinical study.

  • H. Biller
  • Medicine, Engineering
    The Laryngoscope
  • 1972
This study was initiated in order to find a reliable, inexpensive, convenient and clinically applicable method to predict pedicle flap viability.

Effects of Pentoxifylline on flap survival.

Pentoxifylline appears to have a potential application in the treatment of a skin flap in danger of necrosis and improving the deformability of red blood cells by increasing ATP content is an important factor in flap survival.

Effect of solcoseryl on the survival of skin‐grafts and the healing of donor sites in rats

The effect of daily intraperitoneal injections of Solcoseryl on the survival of full‐thickness skin‐grafts and the healing of donor sites was studied in male albino rats. In rats treated with

Attempts to Increase the Surviving Length in Skin Flaps by a Moist Environment

It was found that the intraoperative dye distance was an accurate predictor of survival length in the Control Group and it was suggested that a moist environment will favor survival of that portion of a flap where necrosis is usually seen when no dressing is used.

Effect of phentolamine and propranolol on the survival of experimental skin flaps.

It is demonstrated that both alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptors influence the survival of skin flaps in rats and systemic treatment with either compound alone or in combination resulted in statistically significant increased survival of the flaps.

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