Effects of soil conductivity on properties of saffron corms and in vitro production of its style explants

  title={Effects of soil conductivity on properties of saffron corms and in vitro production of its style explants},
  author={S Mashayekhi and Monir Hosseinzadeh Namin},
  journal={Progress in Biological Sciences},
Saffron is the dried stigmas of Crocus sativus L., a member of the Iridaceae family which ispropagated by means of corms. Corms are faced with many stresses in soil. Therefore, it isimportant to reduce these stresses and improve the quantity of saffron production. Biotic andabiotic stresses disrupt the metabolic balance of cells; thereby, resulting in accumulation ofreactive oxygen species (ROS) which cause oxidative damage. In this study, the effect of soilelectrical conductivity (EC) on… Expand
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