Effects of silk fibroin in murine dry eye

  title={Effects of silk fibroin in murine dry eye},
  author={Chae Eun Kim and Ji Hyun Lee and Yeung Kyu Yeon and Chan Hum Park and Jae Wook Yang},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
The study aimed to investigate the effects of silk fibroin in a mouse model of dry eye. The experimental dry eye mouse model was developed using more than twelve-weeks-old NOD.B10.H2b mice exposing them to 30-40% ambient humidity and injecting them with scopolamine hydrobromide for 10 days. Tear production and corneal irregularity score were measured by the instillation of phosphate buffered saline or silk fibroin. Corneal detachment and conjunctival goblet cell density were observed by… CONTINUE READING