Effects of sex steroids on serotonin uptake in blood platelets.

  title={Effects of sex steroids on serotonin uptake in blood platelets.},
  author={J R Ehrenkranz},
  journal={Acta endocrinologica},
  volume={83 2},
Blood platelets have been suggested as amodel for serotonin uptake and storage in the brain. To examine possible effects of se- steroids, platelets from human volunteers were incugated for 15 min with oestradiol, testosterone, and dihydrotestosterone, and then incubated fro 1 min with radioactive serotonin. The effects of the various steroids on serotonin uptake were measured. At 10(-3) M, oestradiol decreased serotonin uptake by 70%, testosterone by 49%, and dihydrotestosterone by 25%. Both… CONTINUE READING