Effects of rotation and valence nucleons in molecular α -chain nuclei

  title={Effects of rotation and valence nucleons in molecular 
-chain nuclei},
  author={D. D. Zhang and Z. X. Ren and P. W. Zhao and Dario Vretenar and T. Nik{\vs}i{\'c} and J. Meng},
  journal={Physical Review C},
Abstract Effects of rotation and valence nucleons in molecular-like linear α-chain nuclei are analyzed using a three-dimensional lattice cranking model based on covariant density functional theory. The structure of C and Ne is investigated as a function of rotational frequency. The valence nucleons, with respect to the 3α linear chain core of C, at low frequency occupy the π molecular orbital. With increasing rotational frequency these nucleons transition from the π orbital to the σ molecular… 

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