Effects of root exudate sorgoleone on photosynthesis

  title={Effects of root exudate sorgoleone on photosynthesis},
  author={Frank A. Einhellig and James A. Rasmussen and Angela M. Hejl and Itamar F. Souza},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Ecology},
The aim of this investigation was to determine if sorgoleone (SGL), ap-benzoquinone inSorghum bicolor root exudate, is a photosynthesis inhibitor. Assays usingGlycine max leaf disks showed concentrations as low as 10μM SGL inhibited oxygen evolution more than 50%. Tests conducted on chloroplasts isolated fromPisum sativum showed that SGL is a powerful inhibitor of CO2-dependent oxygen evolution. Using a chloroplast suspension equivalent to 80–100μg chlorophyll, the I50 was approximately 0.2μM… CONTINUE READING