Effects of propranolol on the impulse activity of cardiovascular sympathetic afferent fibers.

  title={Effects of propranolol on the impulse activity of cardiovascular sympathetic afferent fibers.},
  author={Fedrico Lombardi and C Casalone and Gabriella Malfatto and T Gnecchi Ruscone and R. Casati and Alberto Malliani},
  volume={8 1},
The influence of beta-adrenergic receptor blockade on the impulse activity of 21 cardiovascular sympathetic afferent nerve fibers (11 from the thoracic aorta, 10 from the pulmonary veins), isolated from the left sympathetic rami communicantes T-3 and T-4 was studied in anesthetized, vagotomized cats. Aortic pressure, heart rate, and neural discharge were recorded during control conditions and during brief aortic occlusions of comparable amplitude and duration. Administration of dl-propranolol… CONTINUE READING
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