Effects of processing techniques on oxidative stability of Prunus pedunculatus seed oil

  title={Effects of processing techniques on oxidative stability of Prunus pedunculatus seed oil},
  author={J Yan and Mi Mi Guo and Y. H. Shen and Y. Y. Wang and Xia Luan and C Li},
  journal={Grasas Y Aceites},
This paper investigated the effects of Prunus pedunculatus (P. pedunculatus) seed pre-treatment, including microwaving (M), roasting (R), steaming (S) and roasting plus steaming (RS) on crude oil quality in terms of yield, color change, fatty acid composition, and oxidative stability. The results showed an increase in monounsaturated fatty acid content and oxidative stability of the oils obtained from different processing treatments compared to the oil obtained from raw seeds (RW) without… 

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