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Effects of priming dose schedules in methotrexate treatment of mouse leukemia L1210.

  title={Effects of priming dose schedules in methotrexate treatment of mouse leukemia L1210.},
  author={M. Straus and N. Mantel and A. Goldin},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={31 10},
Summary This study was conducted to determine whether priming dose schedules of methotrexate (MTX) could result in increased antileukemic effectiveness. CDF1 mice received i.p. inoculations of 105 L1210 ascites tumor cells. Beginning 2 days after leukemic inoculation (i.p.), the animals were treated with MTX (i.p.) on a series of dose schedules. In each experiment, a number of geometrically spaced doses of MTX were used at the first treatment, and each was followed by various geometrically… Expand
The effect of the sequence of administration of cytoxan and methotrexate on the life-span of L1210 leukemic mice.
Early administration of a high priming dose of Cyt or MTX apparently lowers the tumor cell population so that scheduled doses of MTX can kill tumor cells more effectively. Expand
Combination chemotherapy in advanced lung cancer with increased survival
On this schedule of therapy, very high doses of Cyt and MTX were maintained with less than 3% incidence per course of a WBC < 1,500/mm3 or a platelet count <50,000/MM3. Expand
Methotrexate and the need for continued research.
  • F. Rosenfelt
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Evidence has been accumulating that methotrexate may have a second site of action of equal or greater importance than the inhibition of dihydrofolate reductase and furthermore, that it is the unbound intracellular drug that is involved with this alternative site. Expand
Chapter 13. Antineoplastic Agents
Publisher Summary This chapter examines the synthesis and clinical studies of the antineoplastic agents. 5-Aziridinyl-2,4-dinitrobenamide has the exceptional activity against the Walker carcinoma.Expand
Activity of a new glycosidic lignan derivative (VP 16-213) related to podophyllotoxin in experimental tumors
Abstract -VP 16-213 (4′-demethyl-epipodophylloloxin ethylidene-β-D-glucoside) is closely related to VM 26 in chemical structure and biological activity: it inhibits entry of cells into mitosis asExpand
The metabolic basis for combination chemotherapy.
Dihydrofolate reductase inhibitors as potential drugs
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The use of cell kinetics in the development of drug combinations.
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Mice that received a single injection of NSC-38280 or cyclophosphamide followed by MTX given daily or every 4 days displayed more extensive increases in median survival time than did mice receiving MTX alone on a daily orevery-4-day treatment schedule. Expand
Factors influencing the specificity of action of an antileukemic agent (aminopterin); time of treatment and dosage schedule.
Summary The antileukemic specificity of action of aminopterin, defined in terms of the relative effect of drug on host and tumor, was demonstrated to vary with the time of treatment following tumorExpand
Cell killing studies on the mode of action of methotrexate on L-cells in vitro.
It was shown that cells whose proliferation was inhibited prior to exposure to MTX, either by lack of essential amino acids in the medium or by their having reached a stationary growth phase, were resistant to the cell killing action of the drug. Expand
Influence of the duration of treatment with A-methopterin on the survival time of mice with advanced leukemia (L1210).
The data suggest that the failure to derive any benefit from the discontinuance of treatment resulted from the inability to obtain sufficiently extensive regression of advanced tumors with regimens of treatment which are not lethal to the host. Expand
Factors pertaining to complete drug-induced remission of tumor in animals and man.
  • A. Goldin
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In therapy, one or more of the factors pertaining to the host-tumor-drug relationship may become limiting, thereby preventing the chemotherapeutic agent from exerting sufficient effect at a tolerated dosage to achieve complete tumor remission. Expand
Evaluation of antileukemic agents employing advanced leukemia L1210 in mice. VII.
Of the compounds assayed for the first time against advanced L1210, Benzanilide and Cytosine were 103 and 179 per cent as effective as Amethopterin (MTX) which was employed as a standard for antileukemic activity. Expand
A comparison of cell proliferation parameters in solid and ascites Ehrlich tumors.
Results of labeled mitoses and repeated labeling experiments are presented for the Ehrlich ascites tumor at 2, 6, and 10 days after implantation and a general method is outlined for calculating the rate of resorption of dead tissue from necrotic tumors. Expand
The thymidine-14C and -3H double-labeling technic in the study of the cell cycle of L1210 leukemia ascites tumor in vivo.
A study was performed to evaluate the double-labeling technic with thymidine-14C and -3H in the determination of the duration of DNA synthesis, duration of mitosis, and generation time of LI210 leukemia ascites tumor and evidence was presented to suggest that the prolongation was related to a lengthened G1. Expand
Biochemical, biological, pharmacologic, toxicologic, kinetic and clinical (subhuman and human) relationships
Data from cell‐culture response data, thymidine index data, and data on the relative sensitivity of “resting” vs. log phase leukemia cells and in vivo tumor responses suggest that biochemical differences exploited by some chemotherapeutic agents often may be largely quantitative. Expand
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The present investigation was undertaken to determine the cytokinetic basis for the change in growth rate as a tumor increases in size, finding that the growth pattern appeared to be a function mainly of the total number of free tumor cells. Expand