Effects of predator removal on vertebrate prey populations: birds of prey and small mammals

  title={Effects of predator removal on vertebrate prey populations: birds of prey and small mammals},
  author={Kai Norrdahl and Erkki Korpim{\"a}ki},
We studied the effects of removal of breeding nomadic avian predators (the kestrel, Falco tinnunculus and Tengmalm's owl, Aegolius funereus) on small mammals (voles of the genera Microtus and Clethrionomys and the common shrew, Sorex araneus) during 1989–1992 in western Finland to find out if these predators have a regulating or limiting impact on their prey populations. We removed potential breeding sites of raptors from five manipulation areas (c. 3 km2 each), whereas control areas had nest… CONTINUE READING
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