Effects of platelet lysates on select bone cell functions.

  title={Effects of platelet lysates on select bone cell functions.},
  author={Emmanuel Soffer and J. Ouhayoun and Christine C Dosquet and Alain Meunier and Fani Anagnostou},
  journal={Clinical oral implants research},
  volume={15 5},
Although platelet-rich plasma and platelet concentrates have been used to promote bone healing in orthopaedic and maxillofacial surgery, the underlying cellular-level mechanisms remain poorly understood. The present in vitro study investigated the effects of human platelet lysate (PL) on selected functions of cultured bone cells. Cells from 18-day-old fetal rat calvaria were isolated by a collagenase digestion procedure. PL was added at different concentrations on pre- or post-confluent cell… CONTINUE READING
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