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Effects of physical activity on Fullerton test results in the elderly

  title={Effects of physical activity on Fullerton test results in the elderly},
  author={Żanna Fiodorenko-Dumas and Małgorzata Paprocka-Borowicz and Rafał Małecki},
Background. It seems that the increasingly longer average life expectancy of a human is associated with lifestyle changes. Many people care about healthy diet, the percentage of smokers has declined, and the number of people receiving regular health screening has increased. Despite the ageing society, an increasing number of senior citizens wish to be active, not only socially, but also physically. The aim of this study was to assess physical fitness in elderly yogis and Nordic walkers using… 

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There was no statistically significant differences in results of Fullerton subtests between group of NW-engaged older people comparing to group who do not undertake NW.

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Physical fitness and health self-assessment among elderly may be strongly determined by cultural conditions, for example, habits, lifestyle in various regions and the application of conclusions suggests that the key element of rehabilitation programs among elderly should be focused on improving coordination and locomotor capabilities.



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