Effects of photoperiod on food-storing and the hippocampus in birds.

  title={Effects of photoperiod on food-storing and the hippocampus in birds.},
  author={John R. Krebs and Nicola S. Clayton and R W Hampton and Sara J. Shettleworth},
  volume={6 12},
Birds that store food have a relatively large hippocampus compared to non-storing species. The hippocampus shows seasonal differences in neurogenesis and volume in black-capped chikadees (Parus atricapillus) taken from the wild at different times of year. We compared hippocampal volumes in black-capped chickadees captured at the same time but differing in food-storing behaviour because of manipulations of photoperiod in the laboratory. Differences in food-storing behaviour were not accompanied… CONTINUE READING

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