Effects of photoperiod and temperature on testicular function in amphibians.

  title={Effects of photoperiod and temperature on testicular function in amphibians.},
  author={Ricardo Alfaro Paniagua and Benito Fraile and Francisco Jos{\'e} S{\'a}ez},
  journal={Histology and histopathology},
  volume={5 3},
Most amphibians present an annual testicular cycle characterized by a quiescent period (late autumn-winter) and a spermatogenic period (spring and summer). At the end of the period of spermatogenesis undifferentiated interstitial cells transform into steroid-secreting Leydig cells which regress in spring at the beginning of the new spermatogenetic cycle. The testicular cycle is controlled by the pituitary gonadotropin levels which are high in autumn and winter, low in spring and increase… CONTINUE READING

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