Effects of paternal occupational exposure on spontaneous abortions.

  title={Effects of paternal occupational exposure on spontaneous abortions.},
  author={M L Lindbohm and Kari Hemminki and M G Bonhomme and Ahti Anttila and Kaarina Rantala and Pirjo R Heikkil{\"a} and Martina J Rosenberg},
  journal={American journal of public health},
  volume={81 8},
BACKGROUND Paternal exposure to mutagenic agents has been suggested to affect pregnancy outcome adversely. METHODS A nationwide data base of medically diagnosed spontaneous abortions and other pregnancies and national census data was used to evaluate the effects of men's occupational exposures on risk of spontaneous abortion in 99,186 pregnancies in Finland. Census data from the years 1975 and 1980 provided information about the occupation, industry, and socioeconomic status. A job-exposure… CONTINUE READING
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