Effects of parasitic modes in high-speed LiNbO(3) optical modulators.

  title={Effects of parasitic modes in high-speed LiNbO(3) optical modulators.},
  author={Woo Seop Kim and Woo-Seok Yang and Han-Young Lee},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={12 12},
The characteristics of RF parasitic modes and the methods to suppress leakage phenomena in LiNbO(3) optical modulators were studied. The high frequency RF power transmission characteristics were simulated and experimented in the respects of LiNbO(3) wafer thickness, the kind of material contacting the back surface of the modulator chip, the gap and width of the CPW (co-planar waveguide) electrodes. An appropriate RF electrode geometry, to minimize coupling efficiency between co-planar waveguide… CONTINUE READING

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