Effects of oxygen radicals on cerebral arterioles.

  title={Effects of oxygen radicals on cerebral arterioles.},
  author={Enoch P. Wei and Carole W. Christman and Hermes A. Kontos and John Theodore Povlishock},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={248 2 Pt 2},
Xanthine oxidase and xanthine, a combination that produces hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anion radical, applied topically in anesthetized cats equipped with cranial windows caused arteriolar dilation during application, sustained dilation 1 h after washout, and reduced reactivity to the vasoconstrictive effects of arterial hypocapnia, discrete lesions of the endothelium, and morphological abnormalities of the vascular smooth muscle by electron microscopy. Similar effects were seen in small… CONTINUE READING