Effects of neighbourhood size and connectivity on the spatial Continuous Prisoner's Dilemma.

  title={Effects of neighbourhood size and connectivity on the spatial Continuous Prisoner's Dilemma.},
  author={Margarita Ifti and Timothy P Killingback and Michael Doebeli},
  journal={Journal of theoretical biology},
  volume={231 1},
The Prisoner's Dilemma, a two-person game in which the players can either cooperate or defect, is a common paradigm for studying the evolution of cooperation. In real situations cooperation is almost never all or nothing. This observation is the motivation for the Continuous Prisoner's Dilemma, in which individuals exhibit variable degrees of cooperation. It is known that in the presence of spatial structure, when individuals "play against" (i.e. interact with) their neighbours, and "compare to… CONTINUE READING
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