Effects of mussel aquaculture on the nitrogen cycle and benthic communities in Kenepuru Sound, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

  title={Effects of mussel aquaculture on the nitrogen cycle and benthic communities in Kenepuru Sound, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand},
  author={Henry Kaspar and Paul A. Gillespie and I. C. Boyer and A Lincoln Mackenzie},
  journal={Marine Biology},
Nitrogen pools and transformations and benthic communities at a Perna canaliculus farm and a nearby reference site without direct influence of marine farming in Kenepuru Sound, New Zealand, were compared on four dates between September 1982 and May 1983. The organic nitrogen pool in the top 12 cm sediment was 7.4 to 10.8 mol m-2 at the mussel farm and 6.1 to 8.9 mol m-2 at the reference site. The nitrate and nitrite pools were similar in both sediments, but the ammonium pool in the mussel farm… 

Effects of mussel farms on the benthic nitrogen cycle on the Swedish west coast

The biogeochemical impact of 3 long-line mussel farms (M1, M2 and M3) in Lysekil, Sweden, was investigated from before farm establishment until 1.5 yr after operation had begun. Sedimentation,

A multidisciplinary approach to evaluating impacts of shellfish aquaculture on benthic communities

The impact of suspended mussel culture on the benthos of a small Nova Scotia cove was assessed using meehods involving both benthic metabolism and community structure, and there is a shift toward anaerobic metabolism at the mussel lines, the impact of mussels falling to the sediments was more noticeable in benthics community structure than was any impact due to organic sedimentation or hypoxia.

Benthic nutrient fluxes at longline sea squirt and oyster aquaculture farms and their role in coastal ecosystems

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Variations in sediment N:C ratios were correlated with water depth and season. 15NH,+ was used to measure the rates of NH,+ production (d) and incorporation into bacterial cells (i) in sediments from

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The distributions of dissolved, exchangeable, and fixed ammonium were measured in sediment cores from Long Island Sound, Florida Bay, and Pettaquamscutt River, Rhode Island, and in laboratory

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Removal of phosphate from detergents is not likely to slow the eutrophication of coastal marine waters, and its replacement with nitrogen-containing nitrilotriacetic acid may worsen the situation.

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Abstract Transport of seston (suspended sediment) in Pelorus Sound is controlled by tides and freshwater inflow. During high freshwater inflow, a moderately stratified estuarine circulation may be

Method for Measuring Rates of NH4+ Turnover in Anoxic Marine Sediments, Using a 15N-NH4+ Dilution Technique

  • T. Blackburn
  • Environmental Science
    Applied and environmental microbiology
  • 1979
A method is described for the determination of the net and total rates of NH( 4) production and NH(4) incorporation at different depths in an anoxic marine sediment, which indicated that it was the combined pool that was turning over.

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Abstract Dynamics of the flow in Pelorus Sound (41°S, 174°E) are discussed in terms of previously reported observations and new observations in October 1976. Asymmetry in the tidal elevation and flow


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ATP and chlorophyll a as estimators of phytoplankton carbon biomass1

Interspecific differences in both ATP:C and Chl a:C ratios were great enough to suggest that even a cursory examination of phytoplankton species composition could improve estimates of phalassiosira carbon based on ATP or ChlA measurements.