Effects of monoamines on interneurons in four spinal reflex pathways from group I and/or group II muscle afferents

  title={Effects of monoamines on interneurons in four spinal reflex pathways from group I and/or group II muscle afferents},
  author={E. Jankowska and I. Hammar and B. Chojnicka and C. Hed{\'e}n},
  journal={European Journal of Neuroscience},
  • E. Jankowska, I. Hammar, +1 author C. Hedén
  • Published 2000
  • Biology, Medicine
  • European Journal of Neuroscience
  • Effects of locally applied serotonin (5‐HT) and noradrenaline (NA) were tested on extracellularly recorded responses of single spinal interneurons in deeply anaesthetized cats. These effects were tested on: (i) interneurons mediating reciprocal inhibition from group Ia afferents; (ii) interneurons mediating non‐reciprocal inhibition from group Ia and Ib afferents; (iii) intermediate zone interneurons co‐excited by group I and II afferents; and (iv) dorsal horn interneurons excited by group II… CONTINUE READING
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