Effects of minocycline on Fas-mediated fulminant hepatitis in mice.

  title={Effects of minocycline on Fas-mediated fulminant hepatitis in mice.},
  author={H B Chu and Yi-Ling Lin and Huey-Kang Sytwu and Shin-Hua Lin and Ching-Len Liao and You-Chen Chao},
  journal={British journal of pharmacology},
  volume={144 2},
1. Minocycline has anti-inflammatory and antiapoptotic effects on cartilage, neurons and periodontal tissues, and both properties are central to the pharmaceutical treatment of liver diseases. We investigated the effects of minocycline on fulminant hepatitis in C57BL/6J mice induced by lethal challenge of the activating anti-Fas antibody, Jo2. 2. Intraperitoneal injection of Jo2 (0.6 microg g(-1)) to mice resulted in fulminant hepatitis, as evidenced by increase of serum alanine/aspartate… CONTINUE READING