Effects of mindfulness interventions on depressive symptoms in adolescents: A meta-analysis.

  title={Effects of mindfulness interventions on depressive symptoms in adolescents: A meta-analysis.},
  author={Chuntana Reangsing and Sasinun Punsuwun and Joanne Kraenzle Schneider},
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Psychometric Properties of a German Version of the Child and Adolescent Mindfulness Measure (CAMM) in a Community Sample

Based on the current literature, mindfulness seems to have positive effects on mental and physical health not only in adults but also in children and adolescents. Research should further

Efficacy of Music Therapy on Adolescents with Depressive Symptoms

It is found that most sources concluded that music therapy is more effective than traditional treatments and can be used as a supplement to such treatments, particularly for adolescents with depressive symptoms.

Mindfulness May Buffer Psychological Distress in Adolescents during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Differential Role of Mindfulness Facets

Investigating the impact of specific mindfulness facets on adolescents’ COVID-19 related psychological functioning suggested that the facet of decentering, among all facets of mindfulness, may represent the main protective factor against psychological distress during the CO VID-19 pandemic.

The Role of Mindfulness in Mitigating the Detrimental Effects of Harsh Parenting among Chinese Adolescents: Testing a Moderated Mediation Model in a Three-Wave Study

Based on the conservation of resources theory, this study aimed to investigate the mediating role of depressive symptoms and the moderating role of mindfulness in the association between harsh

Mindfulness: Implications for Research Methods.

  • Rachel E. CulbrethRegena Spratling
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Journal of pediatric health care : official publication of National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates & Practitioners
  • 2022

Targeted Primary and Secondary Preventive Strategies for Depression among Malaysian Pharmacy Students

The global depression burden has remained a challenge throughout the pre- and post-pandemic era. The pandemic effect has led to the spiraling of mental disorders among young people who will be the

Contemplative sciences: A future beyond mindfulness

Mindfulness practices, yoga included, are giving birth to a new field of knowledge, contemplative sciences, which go beyond mindfulness and is devoted to helping humanity to reach higher levels of happiness and mental peace.

Anger Rumination in Early Adolescence: Risk Factor or Outcome of Depressive Symptoms? A Prospective Study

Anger rumination is a maladaptive cognitive-emotional process associated with aversive adjustment outcomes. Despite of evidence showing a close relationship between anger rumination and depressive

Feasibility, Acceptability, and Preliminary Efficacy of an App-Based Meditation Intervention to Decrease Firefighter Psychological Distress and Burnout: A One-Group Pilot Study

This study demonstrated the meditation app was both feasible and acceptable for use by the majority of firefighters and called for future research to demonstrate the efficacy of this meditation app to reduce psychological distress and burnout in firefighters.



Mindfulness Interventions with Youth: A Meta-Analysis

Mindfulness meditation is a well-validated intervention for symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders in adults, with meta-analyses showing moderate effect sizes. This study marks the first

Review: Effectiveness of mindfulness in improving mental health symptoms of children and adolescents: a meta-analysis.

Mindfulness-based interventions can be effective in children and adolescents with mental health symptoms and quality of life in both clinical and nonclinical samples ofChildren and adolescents using data from only randomized control trials.

Effectiveness of Mindfulness Interventions for Mental Health in Schools: a Comprehensive Meta-analysis

Mindfulness interventions have increasingly been incorporated in elementary and high school classrooms to support students’ mental health and well-being; however, there is little research examining

Potential Moderators of the Effects of a School-Based Mindfulness Program on Symptoms of Depression in Adolescents

An essential step to wide-scale dissemination is to investigate moderators of intervention effectiveness. This study examined moderators of the effects of a universal school-based mindfulness program

Mindfulness‐based stress reduction in adolescents with mental disorders: A randomised clinical trial

The results suggest that MBSR may be a useful adjunct treatment for adolescents in mental health facilities, especially in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, paranoia and perceived stress.

A Mindfulness-Based Meditation Pilot Study: Lessons Learned on Acceptability and Feasibility in Adolescents with Cancer

Larger randomized-controlled trials are necessary to assess whether MBIs have significant beneficial effects in teenagers with cancer and examine its potential positive impact on sleep, mood, and quality of life.

Treatment of Depression in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review

Efficacious treatments exist for adolescents with MDD and SSRIs may be associated with increased withdrawal and serious adverse events, and no evidence on harms of psychotherapy were identified.

A Mindfulness-Based Group Intervention for Enhancing Self-Regulation of Emotion in Late Childhood and Adolescence: A Pilot Study

Emotion dysregulation is strongly implicated in the development of psychological problems during adolescence. The purpose of this study was to examine the feasibility and acceptability of an

Effectiveness of Mindfulness-based Therapy for Reducing Anxiety and Depression in Patients With Cancer

Mindfulness-based interventions effectively relieved anxiety and depression among patients with cancer, however, additional research is still warranted to determine how long the beneficial effects of mindfulness-based therapy persist.