Effects of melatonin implants in pony mares. 2. Long-term effects.

  title={Effects of melatonin implants in pony mares. 2. Long-term effects.},
  author={Morgan R. Peltier and Garry Robinson and Daniel C Sharp},
  volume={49 6},
The effects of melatonin implant treatment over a 4 wk period at the summer solstice on the transition into and out of the following anovulatory season were evaluated in ovary-intact and ovariectomized mares. Melatonin implants tended to delay the timing of the final ovulation of the breeding season (P = 0.0797) in the ovary-intact mares. Although the decline in LH secretion associated with the end of the breeding season was parallel between treatments and ovarian statuses, the rate of LH… CONTINUE READING

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