Effects of marine beta-1,3 glucan on immune reactions.

  title={Effects of marine beta-1,3 glucan on immune reactions.},
  author={V{\'a}clav Větvi{\vc}ka and J L Yvin},
  journal={International immunopharmacology},
  volume={4 6},
Glucans have a long history as nonspecific biological modulators. A novel glucan-Phycarine-was isolated from sporophytes of Laminaria digitata. Phycarine showed significant stimulation of phagocytic activity as well as potentiation of synthesis and release of IL-1, IL-6 and TNF-alpha. In addition, Phycarine increased NK cell-mediated killing of tumor cells both in vitro and in vivo while acting via complement receptor type 3 (CR3) receptors. 

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