Effects of manganese chloride on the rat developing nervous system.

  title={Effects of manganese chloride on the rat developing nervous system.},
  author={Krister Kristensson and H{\aa}kan Eriksson and Barbro Lundh and L. O. Plantin and Lillemor Wachtmeister and M el Azazi and C Morath and Edith Heilbronn},
  journal={Acta pharmacologica et toxicologica},
  volume={59 5},
Sprague-Dawley rats were exposed to sublethal doses of manganese chloride during their postnatal development period up to 44 days of age. They showed transient clinical signs of disease and a decreased homovanillic acid (HVA) content in the striatum and hypothalamus between 15 and 22 days of age. The manganese content in the brain was increased 20-40 times during this period as determined with neutron activation analyses. In spite of this no structural damage or signs of maturation disturbances… CONTINUE READING

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