Effects of loprazolam on cognitive functions

  title={Effects of loprazolam on cognitive functions},
  author={Silvio R. Bareggi and Luigi Ferini-Strambi and Rodolfo Pirola and Massimo Franceschi and Salvatore Smirne},
The effects of oral loprazolam (1, 2 mg) on vigilance, attention, immediate memory, short-term memory, learning, long-term non-consolidated and long-term consolidated memory were determined. Twelve healthy young male volunteers were given all the treatments, placebo or loprazolam, on three different occasions, in a double-blind, random latin-square sequence, crossing over every 2 weeks. Volunteers completed a battery of tests at night, 3.5 h after drug administration, and in the morning, 10 h… 


Effects of flunitrazepam on cognitive functions
The results indicate selective impairment of long-term memory in healthy young male volunteers, and the amnesic effect of flunitrazepam seems to be due to a decrease in the storage of memory traces.
Effects of single oral doses of clobazam, diazepam and lorazepam on performance tasks and memory
Lorazepam impaired performances in all the tests used to evaluate perception, immediate memory, reaction time, psychomotor skill and intellectual capacity and caused a significant degradation of performance relative to the other two treatments.
The effects of flurazepam, lorazepam, and triazolam on sleep and memory
Results indicate that failure of memory consolidation rather than failure of retrieval is the most likely explanation for the morning memory loss and hypnotic drug properties, measured by latency to fall back asleep, affect memory consolidation.
Effects of hypnotic drugs on memory.
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Effect of After‐Dinner Administration on the Pharmacokinetics of Oral Flunitrazepam and Loprazolam
Administration of the drugs after dinner decreased peak plasma concentrations, delayed the time to reach maximum concentration, and prolonged the absorption half‐life of flunitrazepam and loprazolam.
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Benzodiazepines and memory.
The deficits in long-term memory are probably the result of a disruption of consolidation of information in memory and not retrieval from memory, and the disruption is produced by rapid sleep onset.
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