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Effects of long-range dispersion in nonlinear dynamics of DNA molecules

  title={Effects of long-range dispersion in nonlinear dynamics of DNA molecules},
  author={Yuri B. Gaididei and Sergei F. Mingaleev and Peter Leth Christiansen and Magnus Johansson and Kim {\O}. Rasmussen},
  journal={arXiv: Biological Physics},
A discrete nonlinear Schrodinger (NLS) model with long-range dispersive interactions describing the dynamical structure of DNA is proposed. Dispersive interactions of two types: the power dependence $r^{-s}$ and the exponential dependence $e^{-\beta r}$ on the distance, $r$, are studied. For $s$ less than some critical value, $s_{cr}$, and similarly for $\beta \leq \beta_{cr}$ there is an interval of bistability where two stable stationary states: narrow, pinned states and broad, mobile states… 

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