Effects of lithium on the kidney.

  title={Effects of lithium on the kidney.},
  author={Alan J. Gelenberg and Joanne D Wojcik and William E Falk and C H Coggins and A W Brotman and Jerrold F. Rosenbaum and Richard A. LaBrie and Ben Kerman},
  journal={Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica},
  volume={75 1},
We tested kidney function in 268 patients given lithium treatment for an average period of 37.6 months and in 59 manic-depressive patients never given lithium. No patients suffered serious renal damage during the course of our observations. Maximum concentration capacity was lower and serum creatinine concentration higher in the lithium treated patients than in the controls, but the differences did not achieve statistical significance. Females had poorer concentrating ability than males, both… CONTINUE READING