Effects of lifestyle on urinary 1-hydroxypyrene concentration.

  title={Effects of lifestyle on urinary 1-hydroxypyrene concentration.},
  author={Toshihiro Kawamoto and Mihi Yang and Yong-Dae Kim and Heon Kyu Kim and Tsunehiro Oyama and Toyohi Isse and Koji Matsuno and Takahiko Katoh and Iwao Uchiyama},
  journal={Journal of occupational health},
  volume={49 3},
This study aimed to clarify the variation of urinary excretion of 1-hydroxypyrene, which is a major metabolite of pyrene, in relation to lifestyle, including factors such as diet and smoking. The study subjects were 251 workers (male: 196, female: 55, mean age: 44.3) who were not occupationally exposed to PAHs. Urine specimens were collected from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and their 1-hydroxypyrene concentrations were determined by HPLC. A questionnaire was distributed in order to learn gross… CONTINUE READING