Effects of leptin on energy metabolism in β-less mice

  title={Effects of leptin on energy metabolism in β-less mice},
  author={C{\'e}dric S Asensio and Denis Arsenijevic and Lorenz Lehr and J-P Giacobino and Patrick Muzzin and Françoise Rohner-Jeanrenaud},
  journal={International Journal of Obesity},
Objective:To investigate the impact of β-adrenoceptor deficiency on the metabolic effects of leptin.Measurements:Leptin was infused subcutaneously through an osmotic minipump in wild-type (WT) and β1/β2/β3-adrenoceptor knockout (β-less) mice and its effects on food intake, energy expenditure, carbohydrate and lipid utilization as well as on the levels of expression of the brown adipose tissue (BAT), thermogenic marker uncoupling protein-1 (UCP1) and type II deiodinase (D2) mRNAs were compared… CONTINUE READING


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