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Effects of lemon essential oil aroma on the learning behaviors of rats.

  title={Effects of lemon essential oil aroma on the learning behaviors of rats.},
  author={M Ogeturk and Evren Kose and Mustafa Sarsılmaz and Burhan Akpinar and Ilter Kuş and S Meydan},
  volume={15 4},
Essential oils (EO) are volatile odors obtained from various plants. Their usage dates from ancient India and Egypt, and they have been used for more than 5 thousand years. The EO can be produced by distillation, expression, and CO 2 high-pressure methods. Today, they are widely used for esthetic and therapeutic purposes by inhalation, oral administration, or through the skin. In the fields of medicine and psychiatry, under the name of “aromatherapy,” they are used in various fields, such as in… 

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Streszczenie Wprowadzenie i cel. Olejki eteryczne to lotne, aromatyczne substancje będące metabolitami wtórnymi roślin. Olejki eteryczne mają różny skład chemiczny, który wpływa na działanie