Effects of juniper and pinyon eradication on streamflow from Corduroy Creek basin, Arizona

  title={Effects of juniper and pinyon eradication on streamflow from Corduroy Creek basin, Arizona},
  author={Miller R. Collings and Robert M. Myrick},
_________________________________________ _ Introduction ______________________________________ _ Description of areas ________________________________ _ Corduroy Creek basin __________________________ _ Carrizo Creek basin ____________________________ _ Streamflow ____________________________________ _ Modification program ______________________________ _ Hydrologic analysis ________________________________ _ Discussion ________________________________________ _ Page B1 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 8… 

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Recommended Citation McConnen, R. J.; Sadler, B. S.; Pierrehumbert, Colin L.; Renard, Kenneth G.; Brakensiek, Donald L.; Hibbert, Alden R.; Talsma, T.; Rose, C. W.; Sosebee, Ronald E.; Meeuwig,
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