Effects of ischaemia-mimetic factors on isolated rat ventricular myocytes.

  title={Effects of ischaemia-mimetic factors on isolated rat ventricular myocytes.},
  author={Jun Lyu and Wei-jin Zang and Xiao-jiang Yu and Li-na Chen and Chun-hong Zhang and Bing Jia},
  journal={Experimental physiology},
  volume={90 4},
Conventional ischaemia-mimetic solutions contain several key components for inducing hypoxia, glucose deficiency, acidosis, lactate accumulation and hyperosmosis. The effect of each component on myocyte contractility during cardiac ischaemia was investigated in this study. A video-based edge-detection system was used to monitor single ventricular myocytes isolated from the rat. The effect of each factor was compared by preparing the following ischaemia-mimetic solutions: solution A, containing… CONTINUE READING


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